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recap from 2014 to 2019

it has been sometimes since i updated this blog.
well, not so sure if people still use blogspot.
as people move to twitter, facebook and instagram for micro blogging nowdays.

so just a simple recap on my life what had happen for the past 5 years since i last blogged..

2014 - nothing much
2015 - about high time for me to choose my career path whether i want to stick to doing non-technical or being a technical person
2016 - got the opportunity to do technical work, a lot of familiarization and self-realization required from myself.
2017 - trying to embrace the technical work (more like trying to survive it)
2018 - something changes in me
2019 - im living life to the fullest

so this blog is going to be a place where im gonna share whatever it is i have in mind.

something that i think worth jotting down for reference.
and hoping that i have the courage and determination to do so.

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