11 February 2014

Hello my online diary

Dear Blog,

i am so sorry that i have abandon you for almost 2 years now..

im making myself a promise that i will write more as to improve my writing skills..

note to self.. need to write more!!

*fuuhh fuuhhhh* tiup tiup sarang labah-labah and halau kelawar.. hahahahaha

06 February 2012

The right choice

we often stumble upon which one is the right choice for us to choose,
sometimes we felt that, the choices laid for us, are somehow have it own pros and cons,
it is up to us to make the right choice,
but how do we know how to make the right one?
if only there is a real life pop-up that would tell us the warning of choosing the wrong choice,
we would all be better in life, isnt it?
but if everyone is making the right choices, how will our life will be?
will it be more peaceful than what we have now?
will there be no suffering?
will there be no pain?
if only we know the right choice, right?
we are given the benefit of doubt,
to ponder and to make us more mature and able to make a decision,
that is why the real-life pop-up warning is only an imagination.
as we grow according to time,
we learn from our mistakes to make a good judgement,
as experience come from bad judgement right?
hoping you all have a good time in deciding the importance in life,
have a good look at the choices,
and pray that the choice chosen, is the right choice.
till then~

p/s: im still in doubt of my choices T_T

18 January 2012


holla peeps!
it has been a awhile since the new year, we are now at the page 18 of 366,
so far how do u like your book this year? well we have just entered the introduction part of this 2012 book. hope all is well. =)

sometimes when you have to simplify things for others to understand is just not easy.
it is not that easy for me.
i think i need to grasp the bits n pieces of the technique of explaining thing in a more simplify and interesting mode.
gonna sharpen that creativity section in the brain.
any help?

thanx in advance

31 December 2011

Thank you 2011!!!

hi all.
We have come to the last day of the year 2011, this year has been a very relaxing year with new challenges and had make me think more of my future. Being awarded master's degree of science had stirred my passion in aiming for a higher education level, yes, i have my thots of continuing to phd level, but due to lack of exposure towards research had make me hesitate somehow. But this goal is to be completed in the near future but not so soon.

For 2012, i pray for a better tolerance in the world and myself the chance if improving my life. I should concentrate on creating my career life already.

so peeps, have a good kickstart for your new year and lets welcome the dragon with open arm. May the dragon presence help to strengthen our ability to face the challenges and obstacle that awaits us. May the lady luck smile to all of us. *smile*

22 November 2011

an exciting experience!

hola people,
i have received notification on october that i'll be going to have an examination for a post i applied thru spa.gov.my
well the post was penguasa bomba kb41
i know what is on other people mind,
ah bomba? (fireman)
but, the task of a fireman is not only limited to firefighting,
it has other departments, and other units too,
im for once, is aiming for the investigation/forensic unit. =)
but in all,
every candidate has to go thru the physical examination,
and it is divided into 2 parts,
physical and fitness test

let me tell u my story,
the first part is where they will look into the candidate physical being,
the height and weight are in ideal mode (BMI not exceeding overweight),
then, the eyes whether or not the candidate are color blind, and most important is the 'kerabunan' (hahahaha)
so for the ladies, there are about 10 of us at the beginning, and then after the 'pancaindera' there are only 4 of us left.
then we go for physical test, to see the hands and legs
and only 2 candidates left after that (*me passed this one*)
me and the other candidate was like very nervous because only 2 of us was left

then its fitness testing,
for this fitness,
there are 4 items,
a. weight carrying (46kg for women)
b. panjat tali (4.5m)
c. menjulang tangga (90 darjah)
d. menaiki tangga (16.5m)

ok i failed at the first stage of carrying the weight,
hahahahahaha... damn!

owh, and btw, if u are called to this selection do go, because not many can passed this selection haahahaha, and to make sure that u can go thru all of the tests especially the fitness test, they said that u can go to the fire-station (ibupejabat) to practice.
yeah, u can go n practice, before the real day, just give them a call,
surely the firefighter will be delighted to help.


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